Top 5 Requirements for Hiring a Managed Support Services Provider

In simple words, Managed Support Services refers to the IT and technical support system of your office. An office runs on many computers, storages and the communication among the LANs. The job of managed support service provider is to help maintain connection and ensure full functionality of the IT system in an office. Managed support services repair any breakdown or problem which arises within the IT system. Needless to say, it is essential for an office to hire managed support services in order to keep their business running. However, not all managed support services provider are equal. Here are some things you should consider before hiring a managed support services provider for your office and business.

On-Site Maintenance

The system that enables the working and function of all the computers in the office needs frequent maintenance and adjustments. Before hiring the managed services provider, make sure they are able to perform on-site maintenance regularly. You should choose a local company that is within the vicinity of your office building so that the IT workers can reach your office quickly. You can also save transportation fee in this way.

Data Recovery during Emergencies

Accidents happen all the time and they are even more likely where Information Technology is concerned. The main IT system of your office can breakdown suddenly, especially due to storms and power outage. Hacking is also a recurring phenomenon in offices. It is integral that your managed support services provider is able to handle these situations and recover the lost data in the minimum amount of time. Your managed services provider should dispatch a team of IT workers as soon as they can during emergencies.

Daily Backups on Cloud

Cloud technology is relatively new but it has already become an inseparable part of businesses, offices and even everyday life. Backing up the important documents and data on cloud servers is necessary to keep the business running. That way, you can recover most of the data in case of system breakdowns. Before you hire any company, make sure that the managed support provider backs up your data on daily basis on the cloud.

24/7 Availability

When the whole office is depending on the IT system for its function and there are increased chances of shut downs and technical issues, then it becomes obvious that you need the services of the managed support provider all the time. Moreover, the IT workers needs to be sharp and quick with their responses and have a vast knowledge about all things technical, so that they can react quickly when breakdowns happen and prevent the loss of data.

IT Budget

You will primarily be dependent on your manages support services provider for the proper functioning of your office and consequently the success of your business. It is important that you reserve a large budget for the IT system and control your expenses. However, technical difficulties can grow bigger and affect your budget negatively. Your managed support services provider should discuss these expenses with you and help you make a realistic budget.